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Tiny Sports Car

2008-04-18 62 by ancawonka.

Good looking sports car.  Good and compact too.

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Tiny Italian Car

Tiny italian car by combatwomb4t.

Kinda sporty, but plenty compact.  Bet it’s easy to park.

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Chopped Off Car

Tiny car by iamsmallhall.

Somebody sliced the front off of another car.  You could save on car covers by placing it underneath another car.

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Tiny Little Box-Shaped Car

Tiny Car by Richard M Marshall.

I’m moderately certain I could tip this car over.

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Tiny Car with a Truck Bed?

27. Another Tiny Car! by James U..

I think that’s the only place you could put a spare tire on this car.  And is that a truck bed I see?

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Weird Shaped Compact

Tiny car by msmail.

That is a funny shaped compact car.  Wonder if the back opens up.

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Compact and Electric

Tiny red car by photomato.

It’s tiny, compact, and gas free.  Is this the future of cars?

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smallest car in the world by (nt)*.

That’s not a car, that’s a scooter with a roof.

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Tiny Yellow Car

That's a small car. by Mr G's Travels.

What does it say about your car when you can park it amongst motorcycles?

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A Car or a Toy?

World's Smallest Car? by UncaMikey.

I’m not entirely sure that this qualifies as a car, but I do know that I wouldn’t fit in it.

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